About Us

No More Butts Vapor Lounge became a passion of mine in a very short period of time. I smoked for nearly 35 years, and when e-cigarettes were introduced to me I was skeptical. It took me a couple of weeks and then I made the choice and bought my first kit and it just happened to be a TW (Totally Wicked) product. That was the last week of June 2013 and I haven’t had a tobacco cigarette since. I tried other products in my town because of convenience and still went back to TW products because of the quality and dependability.

While vacationing in Bradenton Florida in August of 2013 (visiting my sister) I visited a TW store and was so impressed with the service and personal attention and their knowledge of the products that I still remember the name of the young man who waited on me: “Caleb “. This was the first time using TW e-liquid and it blew me away with the quality. I knew then that I had to open an electronic cigarette store in my town of Muscatine Iowa, so others like me could have the opportunity to try the electronic cigarette and e-liquid. Electronic cigarettes have not been tested as a ‘stop-smoking’ device, and Totally Wicked does not promote them as such and No More Butts will not either.

The thing is that I was given the opportunity to try it and I made the choice to switch and it was the right choice for me. I want to give others the opportunity I had and the convenience I didn’t have and supply them with the best e-cigarettes and e-liquids on the market.