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What is an Electronic Cigarette?

The Electronic cigarette, also called and e-cigarette, e-cig, mod or pen, was initially designed to look like a cigarette, but with the ability to deliver nicotine without the need to burn tobacco. Electronic cigarettes have come a long way since they were first invented. The technology allows people to enjoy recreational nicotine without inhaling smoke, or the 4000 chemicals that are in tobacco cigarettes.

There are 3 parts to an e-cig:

The Battery: e-cigs use re-chargeable lithium batteries. Inside the battery is a switch that is triggered when the user inhales or power is manually applied, depending on e-cig type. When triggered, the battery sends a charge to the atomizer.

The Atomizer: This is the “work horse” of the e -cigarette. An atomizer consists simply of a heater coil which is wound around a high temperature capillary wick. When power is applied to the coil and air is drawn across the wick wound coil, the fluid soaked wick is heated, providing vapor to the user.

The Cartridge or RCS system: In its basic form, the cartridge is made of a plastic tube with a molded mouthpiece and is the storage for the e-liquid (or “e-juice”). The fluid is held in a sealed unit without wadding. The replacement coil system consists of a mouthpiece, a fluid container,a base screw threaded fitting and replaceable atomizer coil. The tank is filled with e-liquid and the wick absorbs the fluid and constantly feeds the heating element.